About Us

Nanyang Jade came to be in 2012, starting as a family-run business providing trusted jewellery in Singapore, with 30 years of prior experience in the trade. We champion exclusivity, marrying the alluring translucency of nephrite with the extreme toughness of jadeite, to deliver a varied collection of ornaments, artifacts and jewellery that sings to the facets of our local culture.

At Nanyang Jade, our passion knows no bounds. We take pride in forming the most exquisite products from the finest quality jade we can find across the globe—from dangerous territories to the lush wilderness. We are insistent on delivering the finest jade in Singapore working only with skilled craftsmen and reputable carvers who value intricacy and creativity. Each and every piece tells a unique story, holding its timeless appeal and memories for generations to come.

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Rey is a self-taught jewellery crafter who… Years later, under the guidance of his
family, this hobby transformed into a full-fledged business with two physical stores.

Rey continues to evolve the Nanyang Jade brand till today.

Pairing meaning with make, we too are strong believers of the spiritual and healing properties that are imbued with our jade.

The stone of balance, as it is otherwise known, promotes prosperity and will draw natural and material abundance to your life. Its soothing and nurturing energy is said to harmonise and set your heart chakra open, encouraging a calm and healing state of tranquility that you’ll find yourself to be relieved of any negativity—in both body and mind.

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